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I'm glad to welcome you on Four Leaf Clover Design!
Because of lack of time I wasn't able to create layout for this site, but I plan to do this as soon as possible. In the meantime let me invite you to watch some photos done by me, they could be found here
If you interested in using any of these photos or would like to obtain 4 megapixel original photo please use form below to contact me.
Thanks for visiting, and looking forward to see you again!

My projects:
Webmaster Key - Discussion Forums
Pharos Search Directory
Z3 Club - Firmware Petition to Konica-Minolta

Gadgets Review - This is project I'm currently working on. I'm going to post there only real reviews about gadgets using experience not just specs data like you see everywhere. I'm going to review everything from solar powered gadgets, PC hardware, GPS devices, flashlights, accumulator batteries to digital camera equipment, etc.

You can blame me that there are too much sites like this, but currently it's hard to impossible to find site with real reviews, and I'm going to change this. Check back later and see yourself if I manage to do this ;)

If you represent a company or online shop and would like your device to be reviewed please contact me.


If you have questions or feedback regarding any of my projects or photos posted here, I would be glad to hear them, please contact me using this form. I'll try to respond as quickly as possible.